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For over 35 years, our innovative approach to consulting has
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Business Consulting Resources Hawaii

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Business Consulting Resources (BCR) is all about making a difference in our community through the work we do with our clients.    For over 35 years we have been generating excellent results and turning business visions and dreams into reality.

Who. We. Are.

Business Consulting Resources started with Ken Gilbert and Jean Santos working with their very first clients, building models for success in various disciplines and approaches, and has evolved to become the fully diversified team of consultants that work with our clients today.

Our values

Ethics, integrity and honesty

At our very core we are fiercely focused on ethics, integrity and honesty.  We are passionate about what we do and demonstrate that passion in the way we immerse ourselves in our clients’ organizations and the results we deliver for our clients. Our client’s success is our success.  We are passionate about innovation and continually look to create a reality that will generate even greater results to achieve the vision and dreams of our client.    We are truly humbled to be the trusted advisors to our clients. A role that we have built and honor by delivering services that go far beyond the client’s expectations.

What we do

Capabilities and Services

Your daily actions have a significant impact on the future of your company. If you don’t have a plan for where the company is going to be in one, three or five years, how do you know that your actions today are the best actions to take for the future success of the company?

Succession and Transition Planning

Developing the current leadership team and developing the next generation to insure that a succession plan is achieved is often a key role that BCR plays with our clients.

Mergers and acquisitions

BCR has worked with many companies in the growth and expansion of their business by facilitating the development of a partnering/merger strategy to grow the organization and increase revenues and profitability.


We work with our clients to create a clear vision of the future of their company then work with them and their teams to help them to create that future by implementing various processes.

Organizational development

Structure follows strategy and once the five-year vision is documented, we work with our clients to help them build the organizational structure that will get them to their vision.

Operations and performance

It’s all about the bottom line. We work with our clients to ensure that the right processes and systems are in place within their companies to get the bottom line they are looking for.

Executive Coaching

BCR consultants work one-on-one with the owners, partners and senior management team in helping them assess their strengths and challenges to coach them to develop more effective leadership styles to help the company achieve the strategic plans and goals…

Life Coaching

Life planning is especially valuable in family owned enterprises as it allows the family members to connect their personal life goals to the goals of the company and the entire family.  BCR’s life planning process allows the individual to fully explore all options and create a plan…

Human Resources

We ensure that each client has a strong HR foundation that includes employee communication tools, like handbooks and job descriptions, performance management and development processes to ensure the company focuses on continuous learning and growth…


Years of excellence

  • BCR provided me with the initial support, objectivity and insight to develop and help achieve a very successful family succession with my firm. Succession Planning is critical and it should not be left to chance upon the quest for retirement late in a career.

    Mary Philpotts Philpotts & Associates, Inc. / President
  • In addition to addressing family considerations, BCR has been actively involved in evaluating and developing strategic and operational plans for the Company.

    David T. Pietsch, Jr. Title Guaranty / President
  • My brother and I and the Trilogy Corporation have been working with Business Consulting Resources Inc. (BCR) for over 5 years and have highly valued our relationship with BCR.

    James E. Coon Trilogy Corporation / Chairman / Owner
  • Over the past two years, BCR has been instrumental in bringing our family together to address the needs and interests of all three generations. They have kept us on task and on track…moving us in a forward direction and helping in facilitating the difficult decisions.

    Lari Zelinsky-Bloom The Zelinsky Company / President

Areas of focus

Family Owned Businesses

BCR is a family-owned business.  As a family-owned business we understand that adding family dynamics to a business entity makes a big difference in how that entity will operate and grow.  We have extensive experience in working with many family-owned businesses in all of our areas of services.  In addition we work with our family-owned clients on:

Creating and implementing family governance strategies

Creating and implementing succession plans

Creating family constitutions

Resolving family conflicts with respect to the business and family assets.

Coaching family and non-family members with their unique challenges.

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BCR builds a trusted advisory relationship with all of our clients.  We become fully immersed in their business and their passion is our passion.  When we take on a client a team of at least two consultants works together to provide the client with results and value beyond their expectations.