March 04, 2009

March 4, 2009
Dear Family Business Owner,
My brother and I and the Trilogy Corporation have been working with Business Consulting Resources Inc. (BCR) for over 5 years and have highly valued our relationship with BCR. Our family business includes brothers, spouses, a mother and the 3`d generation of children. Trilogy Corporation is an adventure tour company which was established over 35 years ago doing business in Maui and Lanai.

Initially, BCR met with my brother and me individually and then collectively with all involved family members to develop insight into family/business goals. They assisted as in facilitating family discussions evaluating our business succession plan, assessing our business and team leadership, evaluating and prioritizing strategic options and coaching the senior family members who lead the business.
BCR provides an ongoing objective resource to the family members and owners, including the third generation children. My brother and I have highly valued working with an experienced BCR family business consultant to provide each of us with a key objective resource to discuss family issues as well as entrepreneurial and business strategies and operational matters. BCR also works with family members/owners in their active relationship with other professionals including CPA’s and Attorneys.
BCR takes an active role in providing high level strategic insight and hands on coaching on many areas of the business including human resources, marketing, strategic partnering, financial analysis, management leadership development, senior employee recruiting, and more. They are particularly helpful in providing an objective, outside resource for my brother and I to discuss issues and differences of opinion and to assist in developing and implementing compromise to support growth and business success. We are very pleased with BCR, their people and their services and are happy to recommend BCR to you. Should you have any questions regarding our experience with BCR, please feel free to contact me.
James E. Coon,

Chairman/Owner Trilogy Corporation

HAWAII 96767-1119